At-Home Learning Showcase

We are an amazing, hard-working class!  Here’s what we can do!


Nathan’s Event Poster Natalie shows  her dam! Olivia O.’s Arbor Day Poster

Austin compares numbers!

Quincy is learning the Holy Rosary.


Amanda’s Ten Commandments

Nathan writes about Mary.

Quincy’s Ten Commandments Train

Quincy wrote a plan for his robot.


Will can add three digit numbers!

Quincy’s Pentecost Project

Will M. and his family hiked in Watkins Glen!

Quincy’s American Symbols Poster


Natalie’s American Symbols Poster

Nicholas Celebrates Earth Day!

Amanda wrote about pets!

Natalie with her bubbles!

Olivia P found a comfy place to read!

Quincy writes about being a karate sensei.

Addi’s Pentecost Poster

Strength Training with Jolena!

Addi’s Ten Commandment Poster

Quincy’s Sunflower Experiment

Quincy’s Jelly Bean Prayer

Trevor built a dam!

Amanda’s dog ate her math page!

Addi practicing cursive!

Excellent work comparing and contrasting!

Amanda writing in her journal.

Will M. working on his robot.

Will M. watches as his volcano erupts!

Quincy’s Arbor Day Poster!

Nathan is learning the New Commandment!

William S. celebrates Memorial Day!

Quincy’s Birthday Legos

Olivia O.’s American Symbols Poster

Addi made elephant toothpaste!

Amanda’s Church Year Calendar

Quincy’s Sunflower Seedlings