Ten Commandments


Practice the Ten Commandments

Use the following list to study the Ten Commandments.  Keep practicing!  When you think you can say all ten without looking at the list, you and I will have a Zoom meeting together!  You do not have to say them in order, and you do not have to use the exact same words, as long as you understand what the commandment means.  Do not worry about our meeting.  I will help you if you need it!


God’s Perfect Ten

1. Keep God first in your life.

2. Keep God’s name holy.

3. Keep the Lord’s day holy.

4. Love and obey your parents and guardians.

5. Do not kill … be kind to people and animals.

6. Be respectful in the things you do with your body.

7. Do not steal.

8. Do not tell lies.

9. Keep your thoughts and words clean.

10. Be happy with the things you have … don’t be jealous of others.