Archived Home Learning April 13-April 17

Second Grade Explores Home Learning!

The home learning activities listed below are suggested for the week of April 13-April 17.

New activities will be posted each Monday.

Work at your own pace and

have fun!

Email questions to susan.d’

I-ready log-ins/passwords were sent home with students.  Contact us if you have have difficulty logging in.


Zoom Meetings

We will have two class Zoom meetings at the same time every week.

Let’s Zoom on Tuesday, April 14 at 11:30 a.m. and Thursday, April 16 at 11:30 a.m.

Please check your email for the links.


New and Noteworthy

Want to read Scholastic News?  Go to  Click Log In … Click I am a student … Our class code is coolrain2993


Looking for fun science activities?  Check out the website of the Rochester Museum and Science Center at

Under Science Museum, click on RMSC Virtual Classroom to find science activities aligned with grade-level New York State Science standards.

Under Open for Curiousity, you can find awesome science experiments to try at home!

Under Cumming Nature Center, click on Online Forest School to join Zoom meetings for $4 per class.  (Scholarships are available.)


Visit our three class Padlets … Video of the Day, Word of the Day and Question of the Day.

Find Video of the Day:

Find Word of the Day:

Find Question of the Day:


Did you love last week’s videos?  Do you want to watch them again?

Go to our newest second grade class web page … Archived Padlet Videos


Mrs. Viscardi and Mrs. Payne have created teacher pages on our SKS website

with additional reading and math activities for you to try.  Check them out!


Visit to brush up on your Youth Soccer or Youth Sports and Performance skills.


Have you heard what Winston said today?

Visit our second grade class page, Winston Says …


If you want to listen to Mr. Tauzel, our DOR Schools Superintendent read Mercy Watson to the Rescue!, use these links: 

Chapters 1 – 4:

Chapters 5 – 8:

Chapters 9 – 12:




Morning Prayer

Please say the Jelly Bean Prayer to remind you how much Jesus loves you!

RED is for the blood He gave;
GREEN is for the grass He made;
YELLOW is for the sun so bright;
ORANGE is for the edge of night;
BLACK is for the sins we made;
WHITE is for the grace He gave;
PURPLE is for His hour of sorrow;
PINK is for our new tomorrow.


Prayer Project

Create a project that reminds  you of the Jelly Bean Prayer.  You can make a poster; paint rocks the color of the jelly beans; make jelly beans out of colored clay … or make up  your own project. 

Use items you have at home … be creative … have fun!  Bring your project to share a Zoom meeting!

Children’s Resurrection Video …

Resurrection Video Follow-Up

After watching this video, write about the Resurrection of Jesus in your journal.

Start a new page in your writing journal.  Please include a heading and the date.  Answer the following questions:  

  1. What is the Good News?
  2. Why is it Good News for us?
  3. What does God want us to do with the Good News?

This can take the place of your writing assignment for the day … or you can write this and work on your other writing, too!

Religion Textbook … pp. 54-60

Please read, write and discuss these pages with a grown-up.

Colorful Cross

Design a colorful cross to remind you of the Jelly Bean Prayer.  Hang it up somewhere in your house where you will see it and think of the Good News.




Read 20read for at least 20 minutes each day this week

You can read by yourself, read to a family member, read to a pet or to a stuffed animal … OR … you can listen to an audio book (see the K-2 Websites page) … OR … listen to someone read to you!

Don’t forget to talk with a grown-up about what you have read!

I-ready Reading … please try to complete at least 5 lessons this week

You can do more than five lessons, but give each lesson your best effort!

Reading Book

Read Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat, pp. 192-213.  Discuss the questions on p. 212 with a grown-up.

Reading Practice Book

Complete pages 63-70.  Check them with a grown-up and leave them in your book for now.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Read-Aloud … The Easter Egg Farm by Mary Jane Auch 

Assigned to our class in Epic! (  Our class code is … pqq1512.



Write your teacher an email at least once this week!

You can write more than once!  I love hearing from you … and I promise to write back!

Write in your writing journal at least three times.

Put a date at the top of the page.  Use a new page for each new story or journal entry.

You may write about what you have been doing, write about a funny thing that happened to you, or write a story that you have created out of your own imagination.

Your story may be short or long.  It does not have to be about you.

Try to use powerful words that help your reader understand your story better.

You may want to add to your story when you write the next day.  You do not have to write a brand-new story every day.

Do not worry about spelling every word correctly while you are writing.  After you have finished writing your story, you can ask a grown-up to help you edit and revise.

When you are finished with a story, your grown-up can take a picture of it and send it to me through email.  Your grown-up could also take a video of you reading your story … I would love to hear it!

If you don’t know what to write about … try to use one of the following writing prompts:

  • If I were a grandma or a grandpa, I would definitely …  (Be sure to include your reasons!)
  • When it is very dark and quiet in my house, you can hear …  (Remember to use powerful, descriptive words!)
  • One day I saw a big, pink … (Be sure to describe at least three things that happened.)




Study 20 (study for at least 20 minutes three times this week)

You can study your math binder, practice with flash cards, use Splash Math, or play other math games for at least 20 minutes.

I-ready Math  (please try to complete at least 5 lessons this week)

You can do more than five lessons, but give each lesson your best effort!

Brainpop Jr. Dollars and Cents … watch movie; take easy quiz; draw about it

Brainpop Jr Math Assignment … to join Brainpop Jr. and see our assignment, you must create an account.  Directions for setting up your account were emailed to  your grown-up.  Once you have registered, here is the link:

Counting Coins

With a grown-up, count a handful of coins at least three times this week.


Social Studies

Easter Traditions

There are five activities to do this week.  Try to do them in order.  You can do them all in one day, or you can do one or more each day.

  1. Watch the following video:  Easter Facts for Kids … write three interesting facts that you learned and bring to our Zoom meeting to share.
  2. Watch How Peeps Are Made … create/draw/color a design out of Peeps and bring it to our Zoom meeting to share.
  3. Watch How Jelly Beans Are Made … compare and contrast how Peeps and jelly beans are made.  Write 3 things that are the same and three things that are different.
  4. Learn about Easter Traditions Around the World … assigned to our class in Epic! ( … our class code is …  pqq1512Read and discuss this book with a grown-up.
  5. Draw a comic strip showing your family and at least one of your Easter traditions.  Use at least three panels (boxes.)  Include some dialogue (talking) using word bubbles.  Bring your comic strip to a Zoom meeting.  You can watch for tips on how to draw comic strips.



Investigate … what is the life cycle of a butterfly?

There are four activities to do this week.  Try to do them in order.  You can do them all in one day, or you can do one or more each day.

  1. Watch the following video:  Butterflies for Kids     Draw the life cycle of the butterfly.
  2. Watch this video:  Metamorphosis     Create a caterpillar out of materials you find at your house.  Bring your caterpillar to a Zoom meeting.
  3. Brainpop Jr. Assignment …
  4. Make a hanging butterfly mobile.  Be as creative as you can when making your butterflies!  If you’d like to learn how to make folded paper butterflies, you can watch Easy Paper Butterfly Origami …