Archived Home Learning May 18-May 21



Second Grade Explores Home Learning!

The home learning activities listed below are suggested for the week of May 18-May 21.

New activities will be posted each Monday.

Work at your own pace and

have fun!

Email questions to susan.d’

I-ready log-ins/passwords were sent home with students.  Contact us if you have have difficulty logging in.


Zoom Meetings

We will have two class Zoom meetings at the same time most weeks.

Let’s Zoom on Tuesday, May 19 at 11:30 a.m.

Please check your email for the link.


New and Noteworthy

Check your email for the links to our online reading of The Wild Robot!


Check out  and click on cameras to watch the peregrine falcon chicks that were born on May 1-3!


Take a Virtual Visit to a National Park at to learn about some amazing places in our country!


Visit the Genesee Country Village & Museum YouTube Channel  to find interesting history videos and activities!


Subscribe to the Rochester Museum and Science Center YouTube Channel to find some exciting videos and planetarium shows.

(Hint:  Check out the video posted on April 1 … it is all about exploring exoplanets!)


Are you a budding scientist?  Go to  to find some find some amazing experiments and activities to try at home!


Want to read Scholastic News?  Go to  Click Log In … Click I am a student … Our class code is coolrain2993


Looking for fun science activities?  Check out the website of the Rochester Museum and Science Center at

Under Science Museum, click on RMSC Virtual Classroom to find science activities aligned with grade-level New York State Science standards.

Under Open for Curiousity, you can find awesome science experiments to try at home!

Under Cumming Nature Center, click on Online Forest School to join Zoom meetings for $4 per class.  (Scholarships are available.)


Visit our three class Padlets … Video of the Day, Word of the Day and Question of the Day.

Find Video of the Day:

Find Word of the Day:

Find Question of the Day:


Did you love last week’s videos?  Do you want to watch them again?

Go to our newest second grade class web page … Archived Padlet Videos


Mrs. Viscardi and Mrs. Payne have created teacher pages on our SKS website

with additional reading and math activities for you to try.  Check them out!


Visit to brush up on your Youth Soccer or Youth Sports and Performance skills.


Have you heard what Winston said today?

Visit our second grade class page, Winston Says …


If you want to listen to Mr. Tauzel, our DOR Schools Superintendent read Mercy Watson to the Rescue!, use these links: 

Chapters 1 – 4:

Chapters 5 – 8:

Chapters 9 – 12:




Morning Prayer … Act of Faith, Hope and Love (Grade 2 Religion Book, p.386)


My God,
I believe in you,
I hope in you,
I love  you above all things,
with all my heart and mind and strength.



Learn About the Seven Sacraments

You will have two weeks to work on the following activities:

7 Sacraments (introduction and overview)

The Seven Sacraments (review)

Catholic Seven Sacraments (review and online quiz) …

Write About the Seven Sacraments

In your writing journal, list each of the seven sacraments.  Write a least one complete sentence telling about each sacrament.  Remember to use descriptive words, capitals and the correct punctuation.

My Seven Sacraments Book (Find this booklet in the materials sent home on May 18.)

Read about each sacrament in your Seven Sacraments Book.  Add illustrations.

Religion Textbook … pp. 199 and 211

Complete these sacrament review pages and discuss your answers with a grown-up.

Practice the Ten Commandments

Use the following list to study the Ten Commandments.  Keep practicing!  When you think you can say all ten without looking at the list, you and I will have a Zoom meeting together!  You do not have to say them in order, and you do not have to use the exact same words, as long as you understand what the commandment means.  Do not worry about our meeting.  I will help you if you need it.  Congratulations to Will M. and Natalie … they had their Zoom meetings with me this week, and can say the Ten Commandments!  Look for their pictures with their Ten Commandments Certificate on our web page.


God’s Perfect Ten

1. Keep God first in your life.

2. Keep God’s name holy.

3. Keep the Lord’s day holy.

4. Love and obey your parents and  guardians.

5. Do not kill … be kind to people and animals.

6. Be respectful in the things you do with your body.

7. Do not steal.

8. Do not tell lies.

9. Keep your thoughts and words clean.

10. Be happy with the things you have … don’t be jealous of others.



Read 20read for at least 20 minutes each day this week

You can read by yourself, read to a family member, read to a pet or to a stuffed animal … OR … you can listen to an audio book (see the K-2 Websites page) … OR … listen to someone read to you!

Don’t forget to talk with a grown-up about what you have read!

I-ready Reading … please try to complete at least 5 lessons this week

You can do more than five lessons, but give each lesson your best effort!

Reading Book

Read Life Cycle of a Pumpkin, pp. 46-59.  Discuss questions 1-3 on p. 60 with a grown-up; answer the writing question in your journal.

Reading Practice Book

Complete pages 13-20.  Check them with a grown-up and leave them in your book for now.  I will collect your book in June so I can see your work.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Read … The Plant Life Cycle by Arnold Ringstad

Assigned to our class in Epic! (  Our class code is … pqq1512.

Watch … The Oozing Pumpkin Experiment by The Wild Adventure Girls

Assigned to our class in Epic! (  Our class code is … pqq1512.

If you try this experiment, have a grown-up help you and wear your safety goggles!  If you can’t find a pumpkin to use, what could you use in its place?




Reading Book

Grammar: p. 65

Read the Grammar section on p. 65.  Look at the food review on p. 64.  In your writing journal, list the adjectives that describe the number, size or shape of something.

Write a paragraph about your family project robot.

Include an opening sentence that introduces the robot, at least three sentences that describe what the robot is designed to do, and a concluding sentence that tells the reader why the robot is amazing.

Write your teacher an email at least once this week!

You can write more than once!  I love hearing from you … and I promise to write back!

Write in your writing journal at least three times.

Put a date at the top of the page.  Use a new page for each new story or journal entry.

You may write about what you have been doing, write about a funny thing that happened to you, or write a story that you have created out of your own imagination.

Your story may be short or long.  It does not have to be about you.

Try to use powerful words that help your reader understand your story better.

You may want to add to your story when you write the next day.  You do not have to write a brand-new story every day.

Do not worry about spelling every word correctly while you are writing.  After you have finished writing your story, you can ask a grown-up to help you edit and revise.

When you are finished with a story, your grown-up can take a picture of it and send it to me through email.  Your grown-up could also take a video of you reading your story … I would love to hear it!

If you don’t know what to write about … try to use one of the following writing prompts:

  • What is it like to be in second grade?  Write a description of what it is like to be a second grader.  Write this description for the first graders at our school.  Imagine what a first grader would want to know about second grade and then describe it.
  • Have you ever seen an unusual animal in the zoo or in the wild?  What does it look like?  What does it eat?  Where does it live?  What makes it unusual?  Write a description of this unusual creature.
  • What does it take to be a good friend?  Describe how friends should act towards one another.  Then describe one of your good friends.  Tell what makes him or her so special.




Study 20 (study for at least 20 minutes three times this week)

You can study your math binder, practice with flash cards, use Splash Math (Class Code is BXPBPA), or play other math games for at least 20 minutes.  (Practice those math facts!)

Check out 20 Meaningful Second Grade Math Games Kids Will Enjoy at

I-ready Math  (please try to complete at least 5 lessons this week)

You can do more than five lessons, but give each lesson your best effort!

Adding Three-Digit Numbers with Regrouping

Watch this video:

Watch this video:

Complete the following math worksheets found in Topic 11 … ask a grown-up to check your work.  Add them to your math binder.

11-2, pp. 343-346; 11-3, pp. 347-350; 11-4, pp. 351-354


Social Studies

American Symbols

There are four activities to do this week.  Try to do them in order.  You can do them all in one day, or you can do one or more each day.

  1.  Watch the following video:  U.S. Symbols Song
  2.  Watch the following video:  Symbols of the United States
  3.  Make a poster as suggested at the end of the Symbols of the United States video.  Share your poster at a Zoom meeting.  I can’t wait to see which two symbols you choose!
  4.  Brainpop Jr U.S. Symbols … watch movie; take easy quiz.  To join Brainpop Jr. and see our assignment, you must create an account.  Directions for setting up your account were emailed to  your grown-up.  Once you have registered, here is the link:

Social Studies Bonus

Genesee Country Village & Museum History Mystery Object #3

Guess the mystery history object!  Watch this video and follow the directions:



Plant Needs

There are four plant activities to do this week.  Try to do them in order.  You can do them all in one day, or you can do one or more each day.

What Is A Plant? …

What a Plant Needs to Stay Alive Song …

Plant Parts for Kids! …

Science Workbook … pp. 164-165

Complete these pages and discuss your answers with a grown-up.

Complete Family Robot Project

This is a fun family project that second grade does every year.  Even though we are not together in our SKS building, I would like this class to have this awesome learning experience!  Families will have two more weeks to complete the project.  When the paragraph is written and the robot complete, your student can present at one of our class Zoom meetings.

For details about this robot project, see Archived Home Learning May 4-May 8 (Found in the drop-down menu under Weekly Home Learning Activities.)