Archived Home Learning May 26-May 29



Second Grade Home Learning: May 26-29    🤗    Zoom Meetings: Tuesday, May 26 and Thursday, May 28 at 11:30 a.m.

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Morning Prayer … Prayer for the Children of Military Members

Dear Lord, I pray for the children of military members.  Be near to those who are missing their deployed parent, and help them to understand that their parent loves them, even if they are far away.                                    Bless them with an abundance of love and support, and calm any fears they have about their parent.  Amen

Practice the Ten Commandments

My Seven Sacraments Book Read about each sacrament in your Seven Sacraments Book.  Add illustrations.

Religion Textbook  Complete pages pp. 199 and 211.  Discuss with a grown-up.



Read 20  Read for at least 20 minutes every day this week.

I-ready Reading  Try to complete at least 5 lessons this week.

Reading Book  Read Frogs, pp. 70-89.

Reading Practice Book  Complete pp. 23-30.

Reading Choice  Read another book about frogs.  There are many interesting fiction and nonfiction books about frogs in Epic!  Our class code is pqq1512.

Writing Journal  Write in your journal at least three times this week.



Study 20  Study math for at least 20 minutes three times this week.

I-ready Math  Try to complete at least 5 lessons this week.

Video  Subtracting Three Digit Numbers (Khan Academy)

Math Practice Pages  Topic 11:  11-5, pp. 356-358; 11-6, pp. 360-362; 11-7, pp. 364-366


Social Studies

Zoom Presentations  Family Robot Project and Flat Otto Project



Sunflower Seed Experiment  Begin your sunflower seed experiment.  Observe your experiment and take notes in your science journal.

Science Workbook  pp. 169-173

Video  Biomes of the World for Children (Freeschool)